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Seta Azul

Liebherr ltm 1090 truck crane for sale +8618221102858 (Cód. 38785)  - 

Indicating LIEBHERR LTM 1090 truck crane for sale +8618221102858  to a friend
Updated 05/04/2018
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List Price:  U$ 0,00 / PCS

Future Price:
  U$ PCS

Quantity: 1

City: Shanghai          State: CN
Country: CN


Fale com vendedor sobre LIEBHERR LTM 1090 truck crane for sale +8618221102858


LIEBHERR LTM 1090 truck crane
Year : 2007
Working hours: 3891 hours
Travelled distance : 2200km
Max rated lifting capacity :90T
Boom passage head : 5+2
Length (Boom/Jib): 12.0-46/9.5-15m
Max lifting height : 44.2/58.7m
Outline Dimension:15.523.323.88m
Gross vehicle weight : 28610 chassis (kg)
Slewing speed : 1.6r/min
Engine power: 200ps/2200rpm
Main winch wire : 24022 (mmm)
Aux winch wire : 13520 (mmm)
Working radius boom/jib : 36/34m
Boom extension speed : 32.0/145 m/sec
Boom angle : -1.0 -80 deg
Location in shanghai China
Good working condition

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Liebherr ltm 1090 truck crane for sale +8618221102858






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