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The MF Rural is a site developed with the object of facilitating negotiations and promoting the encounter between rural producers, distributors and their suppliers, both of products and services related to the agricultural market, providing both, reach markets still unknown, and conditions vary.


The objective of the MF Rural site is register the largest possible number of suppliers, so that once found, will be providing information to buyers that release to see prices in other places, because you have received all necessary information, avoiding the inconvenience and expense with several links to best market prices.

With this large number of agricultural products registered the MF Rural will be a great ally of the farmer, it will help to minimize a classic problem of finding time for farmers in agricultural products, or find the best deals for low cost, besides the variety of options.

It also objective to give visitors information on where to find products that are difficult to access.

Besides the advantages offered to buyers, the MF Rural will enable sellers to lower expression in the agricultural market, venture into other markets, distributing its products at national level, the does not mean that it will sell its production to places far away, but yes you can sell your used tractor or implement its use for people who have property in the same region and who live far away would not be going to the place to look for these products, and the current situation would make the purchase in your area and to spend with freight transported to the site.

The agricultural market is very broad and moves the national economy, but also serves as the livelihood for many small business manufacturers of machinery and agricultural implements that does not have a chance to show their products to agropecuaristas and producers throughout country. In MF Rural no distinction between providers and all have equal chances to show and prove the efficiency of their products.

Stores of all agricultural country could easily sell large deals and a possible stock of agricultural products, and thus will have greater purchasing power, buying more products at cheaper prices, and in case of delay in the sale will make new deals, even at regional level.

Today there are several sites on agricultural market via Internet, but none meets all the needs required, lacking versatility and complement the which requires its users to find other sites, making it tiring and unproductive negotiations by this means.

It is know that the trend agricultural market is work dinamic and wide, features made possible thanks to the advancement of Internet. Given this market, now in anticipated and created the Portal MF Rural to be a reference point of the agricultural market, where everything that surrounds it will be found, from simple information to major negotiations.


The partnership with this means of communication and its use for television divulgation, will provide knowledge to the site throughout the country by the buyers and sellers, and a reference point and facilitating marketing of agricultural produce via the internet and offering rural services.

Our Customers

As our customers, we have a person of physical or legal, who want to sell or buy products or services, related to the agricultural sector.

Small rural producers and large enterprises can enjoy the space offered by the MF Rural also participate in the sale of agricultural products, such as purchase of inputs


The great advantage of the site is that there is no minimum quantity for trading and the goods are traded in the physical market price and are not as commonly found in quotations, in other words, the buyer to evaluate a product should knowing exactly what price they will pay on the act of purchase, by getting hit between the parties with the burden of freight costs and distribution. In addition, the site also keep the value of personal contacts between buyers and sellers, acting only as an intermediary in negotiations.

The agricultural prices are very efficient to learn how the market goes, but the time to negotiate the reality is different and the differences can be very expressive, so the MF Rural products are presented in physical market, or product with price and availability of day.

Sellers must first complete a registration, and then it could advertise their products, without any cost to this. The MF Rural is a site for exclusive sale of agricultural products or any product of usefulness of the man of the field.

Prices and stock of products will be updated daily or when necessary, with this function over the suppliers who choose to register a password to update your window.

The registration on the site, as well as the registration of products for sales, will be exempt from rates Another feature of great advantage is that any person entering the MF Rural may have visual access to all that it contains, as a store window, and that register only in case of interest is to negotiate. This feature comes in addition to a large MF Rural attractive to customers who do not like to expose, inform your data to whom it is not known because many of the agricultural sites now available as a percentage of lost customers, ask for their the entries before they know. Recall also that the identity of the supplier will not be available until the client is interested in negotiating any product, protect it from speculators.

Click to view our contract.

Click here to see the list of suppliers.

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